Please Note: New Forum @ chintha.com

There are a few changes happening at chintha.com. Please note the following...

1. The old forum is moved to a new setup and is more integrated with the rest of the site.
2. Your old forum "userid" and "password" should work without any change.
3. The new forum url is http://chintha.com/forum and login page is http://chintha.com/login

Along with this, the site comment system is now restricted to registered users only. There were a couple of reasons for this change in the comment policy. One of the reason is the heavy spam. Another reason is some what unacceptable behaviour from the users. The comment system and the forum are intended for healthy communication and exchange of ideas. But recently it is noted that visitors are using the comment system for personal attacks and Mud Slinging. This is not acceptable. In future, if this continues, we will have to enforce complete comment moderation. It won't be very pleasant to have moderation on. So please make sure that you are adding value to the subject, when participating in a discussion.

Stay tuned.... More changes on the way....