Kalamandalam Hymavathy

Kalamandalam Hymavathy represented Kerala in many National dance festivals, excellence in facial expressions, well disciplined in karanas and innovations in her approach to art. Hymavathy reflects at large the strength of tradition and grace of classical simplicity in Mohiniyattam.

She won the "Kaladarpanam" award in recognition of her contribution to the growth of Mohiniyattam 1998. She is rare senior artist in Mohiniyattam having a host of talented disciples both in India and abroad.

She visited all over India and abroad. Now she is engaged in composing new Items in classical style. She composed several padams and varnams with her own lyrics "NalananyeNathanilla" based by Nala and Damayanthy. "Sumathy Madhu Mozhi Chithralek" based of Usha and Chithralekha and the another one "Smarathy Nee Noonam" based of "Vikramorvasheeyam" and "Veerapurushothama" based on Urvasi Sapam and the other "MohanaRupiniMohini" based of different Mohiniees. Her famous Master piece Item. "Omana thingal kidavo" (Lullaby) is written by our great poet Erayemanthambi. In this Thrattu she presenting a good mother and a child. She also composed "Achanum Makalum" Vallathole’s great poem.